Born Solaris 2012 feat Bruno Neves (voc)
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March 13, 2012
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6:58 minutes
Bruno Neves/Matt Gabnai © Minotaur Project
Story behind the song
Last year I released a version of Rampage of Kronos with the vocals of Bruno Neves - he actually offered to do the vocals for several songs. I didn't really give any advice on what to choose - and he chose Born Solaris. My only issue with that was the poor quality of video and audio I had on that track - I love that song very much, but when I recorded it I didn't yet had the proper equipment to make it sound right. I decided to rerecord the guitars and the bass (and I remixed the drums), and I filmed the recording session as usual - no moving camera this time (I was alone), and as you see I had some trouble with the second camera's resolution... I realised only too late that it's time to remove it from the equasion. Anyway, I love this version very much, Bruno pretty much did the same thing I wanted to hear. You'll hear from us soon, other songs are being prepared as we speak!
Three at the morning, they are still around me in this time, that spectrum is still unseen I dont know what is, it's like an owl I can feel its eyes, entering, erasing my mind I'm telling you just the truth, I'm not in control of myself with the scars, I think about the night passed The people are being abducted, nobody knows why you can't run, fight, or even hide The silence of the scary night. Just feel the cold red light in this world, so insane and blue they arise Dark at dawn, just feel the touch (no humans here) Dark at dawn, your blood froze (don't you try to scream) Rise, rise, oh kings of the skies, (I'm) just an empty soul in cosmos since I was a child, I know there you was, I call you by Born Solaris In the corner, there's a strange thing looking at me, smiling for my fear he is searching emotions and instincts How can you feel what I feel? They are inside my mind (there's no past, or future, is all now white) they are inside my mind (without war, invasion in secret begins) Life now fading away and there's nobody else to see I just want the simple life, I'm just a small town guy (what's) coming to reality, a terror never imagined the price of life I won't pay death to me is the only escape Nuclear beans, the face still unseen (Interespatial Methedrine ) The pool of madness, holds me so deep (Sunlight nevermore, burn, black, and root ) Scarification, alien medicine (Instruments of pain, I've never seen) Just closed eyes, I will no longer exist (This lost soul begins to fade ) Hunting, collecting, mutilating