Rampage of Kronos with Bruno Neves (voc)
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January 11, 2012
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Bruno Neves/Matt Gabnai © Minotaur roject
Story behind the song
Just as I promised, this year begins with the two vocal versions I recieved from two different singers - so at first let me introduce Bruno Neves, the singer of the brazilian heavy-metal group called Kromun. He approached me if he could sing some vocals for me - and the whole thing went really easy. Although it's been a long time since I was a fond of "traditional" heavy-metal music, there are still so many things that I appreciate in that genre - that force and aggression in the singer's voice without having to growl being one of them. Bruno sent me his professionally recorded tracks without any real communication between us (he wanted to know the subject of the song, and I didn't even write any melodies for him) - and I was truly impressed by the quality, the work he put in, and the voice he offered. I hope you like it, I find his voice to be a promising counterpoint to my music, an interesting experience which gave me some ideas for the upcoming "big" release this year. (Yeah, I plan something big.) Meanwhile I will release the next one in the Escape Solaris series (called '77345_018'), video is almost recorded, audio is 95% done now. I'm really amped by this release, I consider it to be my best so far, and also I had the chance to play with some interesting musicians, you'll see in time. And of course don't forget that Rampage of Kronos will be published with the vocals of Phil Ira. When? -When it's done :D (Duke Nukem Forever was released after 12 years, so what? :D)