Shattered Satellites and Brutal Gods feat Phil Ira
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Check the son's video and the story behind the song on the youtube page of the Minotaur Project!
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December 26, 2011
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Minotaur Project / vocals and lyrics by Phil Ira
Influenced by the novel Thanasphere by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Lyrics by Phil Ira Music by Matt Gabnai / Minotaur Project (The General) What am I supposed to make Of all these maniacal claims I can’t share this record of unknown To the grave I must take it for the sake of mankind For me it was never a question Of right and wrong but life or death This world can’t be trusted with answers The truth for now must continue to be suppressed There’s so much more I wish that I could tell you But its so much more than I think you could swallow The voices out there they speak of a past and present future This is the one thing that we thought we couldn't prove The bombs and wars all seem so awfully underwhelming In the light of transmissions that I wish I’d never heard (The man in the spaceship) Your not the one that’s sitting inside this capsule Surrounded by the voices of the fallen ones I get the feeling that my senses have betrayed me Nowhere to run nowhere to hide nowhere to die NOWHERE TO DIE! NOWHERE TO DIE! NOWHERE TO DIE! Flip the switch Bring me back home My voice will not be the part unknown