Mr. Pen
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Inspired by all the brave and talented folks throughout history who have changed minds with their gift of language expression, currently and particularly dedicated to Mr. Harmon Taylor.
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December 29, 2012
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Jerry Stevens © 2012
Story behind the song
Let's see if the pen is mightier than the sword.
MR. PEN c2012 Jerry Stevens Mr. pen and mr. sword they both headed out to my backyard Tryin to see what would be the last word on who might be the most mighty Mr. pen, again and again was waxing eloquent and then He wrote on my garden walls his plan how he would get his victory All while Mr. sword he was tryin so hard with flashing swashbucklin so we wouldn’t get bored It was a crowd pleaser when he sliced into thin cards a brand new tv That got a great big round of applause but mr. pen came out jugglin six chain saws While he was writing the constitution and hand scripting the b-I-b-l-e Yeah mr. pen truly was the biggest star he wrote a book about how to build a free energy car And the lawsuit that brought down the commissar and footnotes for the b-I-b-l-e That’s when mr. sword knew that he’d been beat so he jumped back in his scabbard down at Jesus’ feet And promised to protect the Body complete and praise the Trinity Mr. pen he's winning again take heart, mr. sword we still need you for sure just chill over there by my door