Ghosts Within
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April 24, 2012
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Britta Kurz, Galvathorax © 2011
Shadows stretch into our backyard Creeping closer to my skin Seeping up the glowing sunshine I can see the ghosts within Haunting me like long lost memories Staring with their darkened eyes Shadows watch beneath the twilight As the future passes by I can hear you calling me softly Calling me back to my home I'm not ready to return yet Lost in ancient history's glow See the fiends behind my longing eyes Pushing me towards the edge Calling me into their strangling arms I dance upon a crumbling ledge I can feel you pulling me gently Tug against their solid grasp Break me free from vines that tie me To a mis remembered past See me standing here before you Free beneath the starry sky We dance together in the darkness As the memories pass us by