Sergeant Annie
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April 20, 2012
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Britta Kurz, Galvathorax © 2010
SERGEANT ANNIE VERSE Feel her cold hand on your back Waiting till you fall asleep Hide your face under torn blankets She must not see you weep CHORUS Marching in time for the preschool queen Sergeant Annie, Sergeant Annie Keeping in line, keeping eyes down, keeping our minds away from her black magic Stand up all hail to the preschool lord Sergeant Annie, Sergeant Annie Follow her now or face annihilation We Love Annie Follow her blindly Fight for Annie We'll die for you VERSE At craft time we sit up straight And fashion our tourniquets In group time she teaches us combat And rifle maintenance CHORUS VERSE Drop your kids off in the street Between the strip club and the bar Ignore their screams of terror As they march out to war CHORUS