Flannel Unicorn
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Sometimes Unicorns inspire you.
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April 20, 2012
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Britta Kurz, Galvathorax © 2010
FLANNEL UNICORN VERSE Gather around the astro fire Hear the tale of the Flannel Unicorn Hes a legend, eyes like sapphires Louder than a cosmic ice-storm CHORUS Go out look up at the sky If you want see him fly Hear his ukulele strumming All eyes fill with flannel light See his mane flash black and white See the stars dimmed by his glow VERSE He flips between the dimensions The strongest orbits shatter in his wake A screaming comet will catch his attention In his eyes you'll see your final fate CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL CHORUS VERSE Sewn from Orion's old jacket He will honor all who fear him Some say he possesses magic He's torn through the space time fabric