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Got some bendy bits.
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February 11, 2013
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Laurence Wilson © Laurence Wilson
Story behind the song
I have loads of versions of this song as the lyrics developed over time.
The things you do The things you say They make my mind move from day to day feeling moisture Do as you do Do as you like Do what you want But take this bike and play it Hexagon Haley flies her kite Her octagon eyes are well out of sight She's crazy Triangular Tracy smokes a joint She likes the finger Man she gets the point She's lazy And did I tell you about the English bees? They're covered all over in fleas those poor little mites All covered in bites From fleas from across the seas fleas from across the seas Hello mister How's your sister? She's got cold-sores From the last time I kissed her In the alleyway Roll a cig roll a pin Roll a coaster Until you win the rat race I love you You love me We love The Beatles So completely we love life We love life, we love, we love life, we love life And did I tell you about the English Seas They caught a major disease Passed it onto the oceans and there's no potions To cure their fatal disease Cure their fatal disease Goodbye one Goodbye small goodbye large And goodbye all Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye