Hangman Blues
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May 16, 2011
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James Gallelli © 2011 James Gallelli
Story behind the song
I was messing around in Open G and this came out. I guess it'd be sort of acoustic country blues. Excuse the vocals. I don't sing.
Hangman Blues V1: Waiting on the hangman Trap door at my feet It wont be long - I done my wrong My maker I will meet V2: Waiting on the hangman Preacher save my soul I done my wrong - it wont be long I think its time to go. Chorus: 2xs Hang - man Blues V3 Yeah - Waiting on the hangman Sack tied round my head My hands are bound - my feet are tied I guess I made my bed V4 No more waiting on the hangman No more I'll have to wait I hear the door - I stand no more I pray my neck will break Chorus: 2xs Hang - man Blues V5: Now - I'm just waiting on the reaper Just hanging till I'm dead Just waiting on the reaper Guess thid is the end Chorus: 3xs Hang - man Blues