Then I See You
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September 10, 2011
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Philip Day © Day-One
Story behind the song
How I felt in ICU when I saw Terri walking in sweet :)
THEN I SEE YOU The dark is closing and the clouds rush in Then I see you No matter what I do - I cannot win The tower holds me, the dawn colours the stones Then I see you In the distance a seagull circles alone CHORUS I want to hold you closer than weve held before I never want to see you walking through an open door Being with you is all I need holding you close The nights are long and lonely filled with pain Then I see you I search my feelings will I be the same Alone with strangers, strange sounds break the night Then I see you When I want to be with you and I see no end in sight Then I see you CHORUS The days roll by yet all around seems black, the angels tend me yet my soul still lacks Then I see you I long to feel air the wind through my hair as long as I reach out to find you there