Silence of my Despair
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An athmospheric tapestry of sound filled with emotion. This Song is the Darker Brother of 2 Tracks from the same experience.
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April 21, 2011
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Philip Day © Day- One
Story behind the song
In 2006 an event that totaly changed my life, resulted in me fighting for life. This song is how it felt in I,C,U,
SILENCE OF MY DESPAIR. In the dark my eyes view the shape of things But the light is always around or so it seems Though my eyes are open wide and blue Cannot see the shape and face of you It wont be long before Im back with you again CHORUS No one can feel the silence of my despair No one to share the loneliness inside of me Theres only thoughts and all the pain inside to hide to find I cannot feel or free my mind. Through the haze I thought I heard you call my name Now Im awake, I see I wasnt dreaming I feel the pain My eyes now see the sharp reality My bodys changed - in the mirror it isnt me You never left you stayed till I was back with you again CHORUS X 3