My Turn To Win (scratch version)
For those who feel down trodden and tired
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January 05, 2008
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Rhonda Watson © 2008
Story behind the song
I have fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, degenerative joint disease and COPD so, sometimes, I get a little depressed. This is the first song I've written in a long while. It's just the scratch version to get something new on my page. The REAL one is coming soon. lol Thanks for listening
What do you do when whatever you do comes to an end? Where do you go when wherever you go there you are again? How do you dig yourself up from a hole that you've fallen in? Where is the light where the light of day has never been? Can't seem to breathe with a breath that's become so shallow and thin. It's hard to dust yourself off when the dust that you're in is your skin. Another day goes away just like the last one did Can't seem to rise above the pain that pricks my bones with a pin. CHORUS: Always lookin from the outside in Always hopin to find myself again Always waitin for my turn to win