Same Old Story
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One of our first songs, fast and catchy!
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December 04, 2003
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Story behind the song
This song is basically about the b.s. and some of the thought process that everyone goes through in the end of a relationship.
I gather my thoughts, pick my ass up off the ground. There's no use waiting for the sun to shine. I tell myself this story has been told before. I just can't get your face out of my mind. This game we play is getting old. Relationships start to unfold. We start to see the hidden truths. For now I guess we'll wonder why. Things will get better so I'm told. Feeling so left out in the cold. I'm sick of hurting over you. For now I guess we'll wonder why She left for good the other day, I can't explain it. I treated her so well, gave her everything. And now it's faded. Five years later, my thoughts betrayed her, and now I'm left alone, without a care in the world because I'm not with you. For years we tried to make this work, and now I'm treated like a jerk. Ignored and left for dead. These feelings running through my head. Will I ever find another to break my heart, tear it apart? I feel like giving up and falling right back into bed.