Hell in a Hand Basket
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Melodic hardcore done L.A. style! Fast in-your-face guitars and epic vocal melodies are what make Hell in a Hand Basket a real crowd pleaser.
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December 03, 2003
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Story behind the song
Inspiration for "Hell in a Hand Basket" came from the line in the movie The Rock where Nicholas Cage says the world is being Fed-Exed to hell in a hand cart, and that bringing a child into this world is an act of cruely. The song pretty much wrote itself.
The pain I feel when I think of what has happened. no mercy for the dead, no patience for the living. Sit back take a deep breath, watch it as it all falls down. Our lives are built on what we take and we see no reason to ever give it back. Our self dreams, our perfect lives. We represent the final phase. No looking back at what we've done. What can we say? Our children cry, and their future's die. No hope to give, no place to live. How does it feel to know they we're to blame for all the pain and suffering? Now, I'm sick of all the lies and disbelief that we're a soverign country. We're not the keepers of the peace and prosperity. Authority will separate us all...