Telltale Lines
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A song about little Elisa, her little boat Christopher Robin, and her little secret job at the National Enquirer
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January 29, 2006
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3:25 minutes
Kathy Moxham © 2002 Kathy Moxham
Story behind the song
Kathy Moxham - vocals; Doug Logan - guitar; Kelly Park - piano; Johnny Bamont - lead saxophone; Mic Gillette (Tower of Power) - trumpet, trombone; Bootza Necak - acoustic bass; Reid Whatley - drums Garth Webber - producer Recorded at Whip Records in Berkeley, CA by David Landon and Doug Logan. Guitar recorded at Crown Harbor Studios in Alameda, CA Mixed at Infinite Studios in Alameda, CA by Michael Denten. Mastered at Crown Harbor Studion in Alameda, CA by Doug Logan.