Woodsman's Air - Barrell Ó Rabartaig's Air
flute music from the James Fazzaro film 'The Goblin and the Woodsman'. flute music trad. arr. © 2006 Lesl Harker
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October 30, 2007
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traditional © trad. arr. © 2006 Lesl Harker
Story behind the song
Barrell Ó Rabartaig's Air I learned from Mike Rafferty, used with permission. Tom (Barrell) Rafferty was Mike's father. You can hear Mike's setting on the cd The Road From Ballinakill, available at Ossian USA and elsewhere. In the film it was chosen for the Goblin to hear the Woodsman playing a flute air from a distance, and then the Goblin follows the sound closer.