One More Shot
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A mid-March inspiration from PRock Studio
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March 25, 2018
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Story behind the song
No big story here. Just a song that came to me after I noodled the guitar riff into something.
Title: One More Shot Music & Lyrics by: J PRock Date: 03/20/2018 Verse 1: Haa…. Yeah… I strolled into a local bar the, other day. My plan was to burn the, night away. And meet up with a girl I could, take home to my mom. Verse 2: I started slow at first, I was lookin for fun. A chick and I danced to a, slow song. And talked about how life, doesn’t seem to be real. Refrain 1, 2, & 3: Now (So) I’m hangin on for life. Cause I’m higher than a kite. The whiskey kept on flowin and the chicks were hot. So I kept doin just one more shot. Verse 3: The girl tendin bar could, do no wrong. I think she even showed me her, red thong. So I bought another round, for me and the house. Refrain 2: Instrumental: Verse 4: The place was really crowded and the music was loud. The chick that I danced with is slumped over, she’s plowed. I have to admit, I’m feelin no pain. Verse 5: Before I know it I hear, last call. So one last Jack & beer chaser, I’ve had a ball. The problem is, I can’t feel my brain. Refrain 3: Ending: Yeah….. Just one more shot sir…. Yeah