Drowning in Doubts
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Electronic grunge!
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August 16, 2007
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Patrik Lark/Tommy Falk © Unease, Tommy Falk & Patrik Lark
Drowned in the flood of dew Tears of an unfaithful mind I don't grow the way you do Doubts will soon crack the rind A growing change makes me fear the stifling sense of gravity Shutting my petals slowly for your light Hiding for your intensity Emanate the scent of original sin Attracts the life that makes me brute Subconsciously tearing up all the plants that were taking root Lost the bloom in the rain so heavy within my mind Garding my core of weakness something I won't help you find Uncertainty makes it so painful to grow Even when we're close my mind is lorn I don't expect any understanding though volonteer the crown of thorns I'm drowning in doubts My mind is so splintery I'm afraid you can't expect just anything from me