Train Away
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This song has a distinct blues feel to it with a heavy groove. Credits: Music: Tommy Carlsson, Lyrics: Patrik Lark, Acoustic Drums: Kristofer Dovstam
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August 16, 2007
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4:57 minutes
Patrik Lark/Tommy Falk © Unease, Tommy Falk & Patrik Lark
Story behind the song
Train Away takes you out on a wild trip around Europe. This song has a distinct blues feel to it with a heavy groove.
Waiting for that train to take me away Being bitter by pain Things didn’t come my way I’m off to Paris tempted by the sin Among hookers and trannies Pigalle makes me grin On the night-train to Nice It’s so easy to meet A fire that won’t cease Leaving spots on the seat Train away for an insight Make my day, Europe en route Turn on the highlife Make it a substitute I’m heading south like a Nordic wind Eager and open-minded Only fate is destined Grey days in London Brings out the blue When the mood is gone let the pub set the view Doing Amsterdam by night Clubbing dutchess non-stop Facing the Red Light next to a coffee shop Stopped between Prague and Berlin Police drug-searched me through Scary human ruins at the Bahnhof Zoo