Major Mood
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A musical tale on a young man's journey into the city of angels...
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December 01, 2003
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Drop the sound of major mood Swallowed taste of chewy food Marmolade on peanut shells Whistling thoughts to ring the bells Fuzzy peach around the pits Downed with a frosty shlitz Swatted bug but with my hand In the flesh my skin doth tanned Cravin' twist of lime sip bitter Sleeping with the babysitter All the while it seems so rude Droppin' sounds of major mood Chorus: Seconds to go, I see another girl I know Sitting on the phone at 10 to 5 Ate like a king, something else I didn't bring Cruisin to the sea yeah yeah yeah Drop the sound of major mood Sole of shoe is rubber glued Stolen style to pay the bills Window brushed up on my skills I climbed the height and met the queen File scissor kept me clean Sticky fingered gummy chew Drop the sound of major mood Chorus Two months to go, a feeling I will never know Sitting on the phone at 8:05 Through all these years, I'm left here drowning in my tears Fall into the sea