Three Foot Seam
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Traditional 19th century British miners' song. With Steve Suffet on dulcimer, Gina Tlamsa on fiddle, and a chorus of People's Music Network members from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
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August 26, 2009
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Traditional (adapted & arranged by Steve Suffet) © Steve Suffet (musical arrangement)
Story behind the song
I learned this traditional miners' song from Anne Price, who also recorded it. I decided that it needed a chorus, so I rearranged the song accordingly and recruited singers from the People's Music Network, Anne Price among them. The others are Chris Lang, Ray Korona, Jody Kolodzey, Heather Lev, Bruce Markow, Joel Landy, and Eric Levine. Please listen to Anne's version as well as my own. If you like one, I am sure you will also like the other.