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Old Joe Clark
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Get a **free download** Traditional East Kentucky mountain ballad. Born in 1839, Joe Clark was a rough and shiftless mountain man see Old Joe Clark lyrics & song history @ http://www.paulcastle.co.uk/old-joe-clark.html
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January 21, 2008
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trad arr. Paul Castle
trad.arr Paul Castle (PDC Music)
Story behind the song
[Join The Rosinators' list and get a **free download</a>**] Below the hill and in front of the US Post Office at Sextons Creek, Kentucky, stands a State Historical Marker, listing this bit of Mountain History: "Old Joe Clark Ballad" Mountain ballad, about 90 stanzas, sung during World War 1 and later wars by soldiers from eastern Kentucky. Early version, as sung in Virginia, printed in 1918. Joe Clark, born 1839, lived here; a shiftless and rough mountaineer of that day. His enemies were legion; he was murdered in 1885. In the moonshining days of 1870's, he ran a government-supervised still. read more about Old Joe Clark @ http://www.paulcastlemusic.com/old-joe-clark.html</A>
Download The Rosinators' album from <A HREF="http://www.itunes.com/therosinators" TARGET="_blank">iTunes</A> [Join The Rosinators' list and get a **free download</a>**] __________________________________________________ OLD JOE CLARK 1. Old Joe Clark, the preacher's son Preached all over the plain The only text he ever knew Was high low jack and the game [Chorus] Fare thee well Old Joe Clark Fare thee well I'm bound Fare thee well Old Joe Clark Goodbye Betsy Brown 2. Old Joe Clark had a mule His name was Morgan Brown And every tooth in that mule's head Was sixteen inches round Chorus 3. Old Joe Clark had a yellow cat She would neither sing nor pray Stuck her head in a buttermilk jar And washed her sins away Chorus 4. Old joe clark had a house Fifteen stories high And every story in that house Was filled with chicken pie Chorus 5. I went down to Old Joe's house He invited me to supper I stumped my toe on the table leg And stuck my nose in the butter Chorus 6. Wished I had a sweetheart Put her on the shelf And every time she'd smile at me I'd get up there myself Chorus see http://www.paulcastlemusic.com/old-joe-clark.html</A> see </a>