In Search of the Elusive Perfect Take
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Produced in Cakewalk by Bandlab Featuring Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 & EZ Keys, Trilian Bass Module, Izotope Vocalsynth, Native Instruments Session Strings Pro, Vintage Organs and Miroslav Philharmonik Classic
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August 25, 2018
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John Bowen © 2018
Cue up. Push "Record" Hopefully it will work Place your dreams inside a box of magic numbers So hard to sing in tune Twas easy when I was younger Fighting temptation to give up All I do is blunder Now to mix this mess Vocal needs compression Not too happy with the sound It's claustrophobic A drive always pushing deep inside of me Just wish it could be as easy as it seems Remixed a thousand times Start to get a headache Can't help to think that I should try another hobby So much in my heart and soul. It makes me crazy Can't tell if I'm losing touch or if I'm lazy c 2018 John Bowen Music