Point of View
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Produced in Cakewalk by Bandlab featuring the Arturia DX 7 V synth, Native Instruments Session Strings Pro
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August 19, 2018
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John Bowen © 2018
Over the years of your life you've see it all Lived through changes and felt the pain But something's coming over you There never was the time for you from your vague point of view Could you trade what you know was fantasy with the facts of what was hard to see? Provide another way to know the reason why time moves so slow It seems like some kind of void Leading into a foolish game of empty dreams And in the course of some lame activity you come across something worth the while Remember what they've done for you Too bad they didn't run to you Save the place. Save the time How can you ever find joy in things you never sought You must get a handle on your feelings Your emotions can't be sold or bought Thoughts run deep. Emotions weep You wish they hadn't cried to you They never should've lied to you in the space of so many years and They didn't leave a place for you, a quiet little face for you Just some traces of graces gone by Leave me only worthy thoughts Lest my time and days be lost And the time doesn't change your point of view only fragments of memories You must be getting over it and finally it seems to fit All the words coming clear And you're released from you own imprisonment where you've locked youself deep in chains of writing more innocuous melodies now blown to bits Let it all be retained