Roads To Follow
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May 03, 2018
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John Bowen © 2018
So many roads to follow. So many hills to climb But only so many hours in a day. You gotta keep yourself in line And though they try to tell you, You never seem to hear You're only living in a poor man's lie The dream of fame and fortune is so dear To be a wanna be is not so easy as everyday you wish you were some one else But you have traded your dreams many a year ago and put your life into the hands of "come what may" You didn't take your chance. Caved in to try romance You couldn't have them both. But they both eluded you So many demons to battle. So many wars to win And your condition makes your world to rattle And your memory starts your head to spin It's only time you're wasting. Dreaming your life away There's more to music than just copy pasting Wake up and realize you must live for today And in the everyday of boring drudgery You take another look at where you've come to In just a moment of time you will find it and quickly understand you've seen most everything that dissapointment brings The pain of failure stings Was it just that your timing was bad? Was it the talent that you never had. (Break) I need to think of a word that rhymes with "rhyme" or would "time" sound better? Then I need to think of 7 more syllables to murder in the final verse The chordal coloring The melody I sing Embellishments so fine take up so much damned time Is the conclusion that is just too difficult? Or is it more that you have had enough of it? Can you be content to be another common man and never know if you have something in demand? Toss it high upon the shelf. Just sing it to yourself Keep building up your sad archive to let the world know you were once alive