The Twilight Side of Morning
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Produced in Cakewalk Sonar X3 Studio
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April 22, 2018
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John Bowen © 2018
Story behind the song
Featuring Toontrack EZ Drummer & EZ Key-Trilian Bass Module-Native Instruments Session Strings-Native Instruments Vintage Organs (Hammond B3), Native Instruments Strummed Acoustic Guitar
Through the light there is a purple hue And there's not much more that you can do It seems like time is stuck in hyper drive Do you have all that you need to survive So many more days that you must go through Don't let yourself be mesmerized Who are you in the twilight side of morning? In the twilight side of morning. It was so easy thinking you were right You thought you had the whole world in your sight You made decisions that worked best for you Faced the derision of the multitudes And now you wish you could turn back again The poor result you have achieved you must defend In the twilight side of morning. Many times you felt the sting of life and you took it on with every bit of strife But I don't know. It must've happened near the end Signals were so crossed Timing was so lost Momentum declined Without any rhyme it died And so the time has come to make amends Will those you've cheated buy it? Well it all depends. Are you sincere when you say that you care Will you help those you put so deep in despair The jury's out how much you can be redeemed Open your eyes so someday you'll be able to see In the twilight side of morning c 2018 John Bowen Music