Whatever's On Your Mind
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April 29, 2018
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Whatever's on your mind I'm sure I'll have the perfect solution Though it may take some time I know your heart will be so delighted Never know why you run when you know that I have the answers Something to make you feel whole again All of my time goes to making sure that your needs are all met Seeing that you're having no regrets Whatever's on your mind There's no such thing as a stupid question If I can't give you what you want Might be because it's not in existence If you're concerned that I never had any real love for you Please be assure that it's not the case Something as right as you being part of my life everyday is worth every second of my sweet time You've done nothing but pay the price and I could never be bothered If you really needed my help so much then all you had to do was holler Say your deepest needs You don't have to grieve Love you can get from Me I'm all you need Try to see through me All you mean to me My life is for your Charms I can't let go Whatever's on your mind No need to ask. It's already resolved The future is so bright I guarantee our love will be perfect Why do you question me when your life could be such a breeze I couldn't lie to your precious heart Your word is my will and your wishes are all in my desire To make your life all that you want it to be. c 2017 John Bowen Music