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John Pfeifer - vocal, music/lyrics; Matt Scott - piano, cello, ambience
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May 27, 2015
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John Pfeifer © John Pfeifer
Story behind the song
You just graduated high school. Your prom date is now your steady girl, but college looms, and the ridiculous faith in a long-distance relationship is breaking down. Your insecurity starts looking for weak points in your love where there may not be any. You walk around in the middle of the night thinking about too many things. Because you're 17 and that's what 17 year olds do. Originally written for guitar and vocal, this song shares the bill with "Goodbye Look" as the two songs written after having just graduated high school that we ended up recording years later. (Hence the rather high school-ish lyrics). We wrangled with it frustratingly starting in 2000 or so, then this happened at some point.
It's nearly 1 and I'm catching a chill. And I'll surely catch hell when I get home. Hours travelling at the speed of light. Hearts beat even faster still. But it's worth it all since you finally said, "I love you and I could never leave." We kissed for just the blink of an eye, while friends understandingly looked away... War crimes tumbled from your memory. The stars they numbered just the same. Your father's indignation rose after you revealed your false love's schemes. I tried to shut my ears to this. (*there's only 5 stars out tonight*) And my heart seemed just another toy for you to toss aside when it breaks. Wild horses and doors couldn't keep you still that 3rd night with some nameless fool. Do you feel the same when I drop by? Have you ever raised your voice for me? Is it worth all this to hear you finally say, "I love you and I could never leave"?