The Barber
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December 02, 2018
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Dennis Walsh © 2018
It was a long time ago This story is true If you listen to what I say You won't let this happen to you Many a man took a bride It was just a matter of pride To have someone taking care of home While he was free to roam The barber lived off his parents Occasionally cutting hair Gambling, drinking, womanizing Never around, couldn't be found If you did see him He wasn't really there One day it finally hit the fan His young wife had had enough Called a family meeting to work things out Soon parents and siblings began to shout Push turned to shove to punch Until her daddy pulled his gun out Twelve shots were fired they said As they grappled for the gun The barber's mother was shot in the head Falling to the floor, instantly dead The bride's dad swore self defense And months later a jury agreed That the barber's bad behavior Led to the accidental deed