Darr Mine Disaster
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December 02, 2018
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Dennis Walsh © 2018
Deep within the earth A man found his worth In the black gold he mined And mortgaged his future To feed and clothe his family Give up the ghosts To those who can see Through all the coal dust And into eternity Saint Nick and all the prayers Could only save the miners Who stayed home that holiday Even though they didn't get paid There's more important things Than money But that's easy to say When your soul's not owed To the company store There goes all your pay 1907 was a bad year For explosions in the mines They paid dear with their lives Leaving children, girlfriends, and wives Darr wasn't the first And it certainly wasn't the last The mine owners refused to see Past their denial and greed Some were never recovered Of the hundreds lost that day Buried in the same holes Where they gave up their souls They joined their brothers and sisters Mourned and never forgotten In a land far away From their ancestral homes Across the seas