Fire And Faith (Lyrics Version)
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Dedicated to Mike...As the years go by... * Fire and faith * Keeps me alive
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June 26, 2018
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Dennis Walsh © 2018
As the years go by The fire inside begins to fade We try to deny and hide the truth Behind a smile so brave All the while Your heart is breaking Your soul is aching Peace of mind not to be found Each day another round In a long and endless struggle There's something you can do To ease your mind If you remember what it is That inspired you way back When you weren't afraid Of what anybody said And respected those who came before For opening the door What remains is who you are Tested and battle scarred A little worse for the wear But not surrounded by fear Ready to give Quick to forgive But not forget Oh no, don't forget Don't you forget Look to those Whose last thought Isn't for themselves Dedicated to serve They never swerve From what is right and just In a world of danger and fear Keep those you love near And don't lose the faith Through the laughter and tears Fire and faith Keeps me walking straight ahead Through the highs and the lows The days and the nights Until it all ends With no surprise Fire and faith Keeps me alive As the years go by... Fire and faith Keeps me alive