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Lisa Grey
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One more thing * I wanted her to know * She was my first love long ago
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September 28, 2015
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Dennis Walsh
Lisa Grey was her name Lived in an old farm house down the lane We raced home from school every day To play all the games That children play Then one day she moved away I never saw her again The years passed by And when her folks died I thought I'd see her As I paid my respects When I asked about her No one wanted to talk Her family were all gone Her farm house now an empty lot Something tells me things went very wrong And then I heard her favorite song I tried to find her on the web No luck- she didn't show There was always one thing I wanted her to know She was the sweetest girl Who ever danced with me slow Sometimes you'll be watching the news When you lock in on a story Well that happened last night And I'm still feeling sad and sorry A neighboring town Was where she was found Unconscious and alone Unable to make a sound She passed away into the clouds One more thing I wanted her to know She was my first love long ago Rest in peace, Lisa Grey