Smell the World
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Upbeat Mutt Classic combines the best of what the boys have to offer. The scratch samples come from 'Pass the Peas' by James Brown and from the Beastie Boy's album 'Licensed to Ill' (MIKE!)
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November 24, 2003
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Bellante/Dier/Leckie/Thornton © 1996
Story behind the song
This song was started in Jim's apartment in Riverwest when Jim and Carl Schulz where sitting around on a rainy Saturday. Jim was playing Guitar and Carl bass and they wrote the bulk of the song. Some ideas for the lyrics came from that sitting, but most where trashed. Jim then recorded the song to a 4 track and added some scratching. The band learned the song from the tape and Mike and Paul put together most of the lyrics. "Smell the World" (the title) was a take on fellow Milwaukee band, Big Sky's album entitled "View the World." (Interesting note: Carl was in Milwaukee at the time to try out for Big Sky. Jim had just completed playing bass on their recording and had suggested Carl as a permanent member. The try out went well and Carl became a member of Big Sky.) The low point of the song is the ending. When performed live, Smell the World, was usually blended into other songs on the front and back end. For the recording we used the 4 Track for the beginning and Jim came up with the god-awful ending.