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Mike and Ron trade off lead vocal duties in this blast from the past. This is one of the songs (along with Doggy Style) that has remained in R.Mutt's live show for the longest time
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November 24, 2003
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Bellante/Dier/Leckie/Thornton © 1991
Story behind the song
Written primarily by Ron and Mike when they were living together, this song's primary inspiration was a series of dreams Mike had. Fucking became Funky in the version that wound up on the CD but we are pretty sure Mike throws the F-Bomb out in live shows.
This ain't no funky railroad Joe this ain't no goddamn disco tech, This stream travels ultra slow, You might fall off and break your neck. Once I tried to get off, There wasn't any door at all, Once I tried to end it all and I found myself paralysed in a dream. There she was, Her name was enterprise, And I saw her paralysed in a dream. The room was filled with ancient Indian artefacts, Which we used to complete the ceremony. Her lips were cold and dry, As I tried to see her through mine, I knew there was much more than this, I knew what she meant.