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It's just me and a few guitars making some noise. I'm mainly starting this page to show some demo's of gear, share songs with my distant relatives, and hey mayb
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Running a fuzz effect along with my Valve Junior and Fender Toronado (in D Standard).
My amp is sat with the volume and gain at 1/2 with the Crunch Switch on "LOW" and the NFB in the middle position. The song is a hack job of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "All I Can Do is Write About It."
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Valve Junior with Volume and Gain cranked, Crunch Switch on "Low" and NFB in the middle. It's just a little blues-ish improv.
VJ with Volume/Gain cranked, Crunch Switch "HI" and NFB on "HI". It's a heavy-ish Metal sort of thing.
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Lyrics, Guitar, Singing by Bo"cephus" Ballard. Recorded @ a late night party via Blackberry voice recorder.
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A demo of My new FG350W acoustic and trying to work out my recording settings on my laptop.
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