El Cruncho
Instrumentals Crunchytown, Anz  USA
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el cruncho
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Uptempo number for the mentally ill, featuring a frankenTeisco and severe overuse of octave effects. Perfect for natural disasters and for hurried evacuation of large amounts of people.
An embarrassing instrumental with a sad, relaxed vibe in tribute to my first Tele. This sucks like you wouldn't believe.
Psychedelic display of ineptitude in the form of a minute-long self-jam. This sucks.
Opus Capriccio No.1, First part. This is a Rock Ballet, so it's supposed to be danced in tights, around a pond with ducks. Preferably by heavy steroid-using bodybuilder type females.
Peak in sub-genre #22
Part Tommy-era Who, part crap. This is the second movement of my magnum Opus Capriccio #1. An illustration of the travails of modern life through Ballet-Rock sensitivities.
Third movement of the pretentious magnum "Opus Capriccio No.1" that will make musical history one day. This is the moody psychedelic part, and as all pretentious pieces of crap in conceptual albums go, it's also total garbage.
Short and absolutely predictable ditty that serves as the fourth part of the magnum Opus Capriccio No.1. It attempts to illustrate the misgivings of the human psyche in a world full of your mama.
Peak in sub-genre #54
The culmination of the mighty Opus Capriccio No.1. This is a heavier reworking of the descending chords on part two, except more monotonous. It's suddenly interrupted by "flushed", which is just utter crap, and nobody should listen to this.
Swampy mess, crappy playing, best enjoyed while drunk.
Dismembering the blues, featuring Whisky the dog (RIP). Abridged version.
Denouncement and condemnation of the Rock cliche, case #24. A study on stereotypes and irony, featuring extreme ineptitude and shamefulness. Works best with lyrics including the words "rain", "heart", "eyes", "baby" and "monocotyledon".
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