Lee Shapiro
Rock Ellensburg, WA  USA
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Welcome to the music of Lee Shapiro. My music is a variety of styles and genres from rock, progressive/jazz/blues, country-rock, alt-rock, and jam rock. Enjoy!
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Prog-Rock Instrumental about the infamous Gate 35X at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.*Updated - Version 2*
#83 today (Sub-genre)
An anger driven song of hatred and disgust. Warning: Adult Language, NSFW
#9 today (Sub-genre)
Summertime Jazz/Fusion/Rock Instrumental ala Lee Shapiro
#37 today (Sub-genre)
A down and dirty, faux-live song about a past love.
Peak position #37
And yet another song about time, aging, life, and all the possibilities of the future. This song tries to put a positive spin on the theme.
#55 today (Sub-genre)
Dedicated to my one and only brother Elliot. Version 2 - Revised: remixed/remastered.
Peak position #21
As more lies and confusion come from politicians, bringing things to another head, we desperately wait for When The Truth Comes.
#71 today (Sub-genre)
The Lee Shapiro Band wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year with their song Funky Wish Riff 2018 performed live.
Peak position #5
A song about old friends and ex-girlfriends, and finding memories on the open road.
Peak position #12
Another quick and dirty Garage-Rock tune about pushing on in the face of adversity, as well as an ode to Summer's end.
Peak position #26
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