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DJ Cosmicall
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One of the best croatian electronic music bands consisted of two producers that are about to join the ideas to form a positive kind of electronic music to inspi
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Peak in sub-genre #20
Remebered some passed times..
Peak in sub-genre #74
In the century 21st, age of digital revolution, rising voices, voices for freedom, freedom to utilize the technology god gave us, let us unite, over the networks into the global freedom movement. Let the parade begins!
Peak in sub-genre #43
Dalibor Arizanovich took the song composed before he joined Cosmicall and did a great remixing job on it turning it into extraordinary club mix! If you're a DJ consider playing this song on your set/radio and if you know a DJ recommend our vibes!
Peak in sub-genre #84
Would you like to experience the perfection? Experience the bliss of interconnectedness, sharing your emotions, thoughts, ideas..never alone..always free.. Be a Netizen In Bliss for a while...enter this track!
Peak in sub-genre #38
"Progress your imagination, release it, let it go beyond reality! Engage the speed..beyond lightspeed, beyond distance, beyond time! Next star, next stop. Galaxy is not so far away anymore!"
Peak in sub-genre #72
Emotions, powerful, so fragile...they take you by the storm..You hate and then you realize how you were just falling in love, storm was the storm of love is here!
Peak in sub-genre #52
The best ambient-like track i ever produced. This ambiental drum'n bass would relax you and could inspire you to think deeper of the reality around. Open your eyes, truly!
Peak in sub-genre #93
Often we look up to the stars and ask ourselves:"are we alone"? Maybe the ansver lies right here on earth.
Peak in sub-genre #24
Progressive, Uplifting and positive! Feel that positive thinking electronica and let some general optimism to your mind! It is so healthy!
Peak in sub-genre #43
Welcome aboard Starship Trancerprise! Join our interstellar trance party! This is not a parody...i am a great fan of star trek! :)
Sexy, smooth, fast and just invented...Lay in a course to the most distant universe at WARP FACTOR: UNLIMITED.
Melting of the ice caps on Earth it's the Earths way of crying..showing nature's sadness of many humans disrespect to our planet. This is the first joint project between me and Dalibor.
Peak in sub-genre #73
Full of energy that should blow ya up! Feel that wawes pulsing over your mind and body...Let it slide through yourself..enjoy! Buy download at
Imagine standing on a hill of Mars over some martian city in the future far from now. Devil-like dust winds are rushing through sandy surfaces creating the you almost hear the music...future sound of Mars wizzling over the city! :()
Peak in sub-genre #90
Sometimes, rest from fast rythms and high energy is needed. Earth needs peace! Dream about the peaceful lands on our planet, where is no fear, no death, no pain...everything is just peaceful.
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