Open Heart Trouble
Blues USA
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Peak position #17 1
Covering a song that's been covered by thousands. Tried to do some justice. Neck pickup is used for the rhythm, bridge pickup is for the lead work, the rest is just the backing track.
Peak position #32 1
Testing new Jaguar in 'rhythm circuit' mode (neck pickup & controls). I'm dipping my toes into the mellow Jazz pool for this one. The Jaguar can be heard in the left channel exclusively. PODxt with 68 Plexi modelling and various FX.
Peak position #13
A fellow forum member provided a great backing track. I tuned to open G and tried a little Gilmour-eque slide work. Hope you like
Peak position #17 1
Just me doing rhythm in both channels. Recorded one on the bridge pup and the other on the neck & middle pickup. Tonerider Pure Vintage Strat pups. Just testing the waters for the rhythm on this song
Peak position #10 1
Just me and my AL2k, and my podxt with some reverb, delay and tremolo. Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck doing the rhythm work. Tonerider Alnico Classic IV in bridge doing solo work. This is my first 100% original song I've ever done. I hope you like it
Peak position #17
Just testing out a Tonerider Alnico IV and a new Agile I got in a trade
Peak position #16
just wanted to play it, and try to get that swampy tone CCR is famous for.
Peak position #64
Backing Track for Surrender, me playing guitar over it.
Peak position #13 2
Funky little Blues/Rock song
Peak position #6 1
Backing track, me using my new BPG Custom Strat (Texas Special Pickups) on fuzztone rhythm and lead
Peak position #16 4
Using MIM Strat with CS Texas Specials, all 5 switch positions. PODxt, Reaper recording software. Recorded it twice, wasn't happy with the first one, ended up merging the two, I think they fit together well.
Peak position #70 1
Played through modified PODxt patch, Agile AL2500 w/Jimmy Page wiring, GFS Alnico II in neck, GFS 59 in bridge. Flipped between neck and bridge for the "Sweeeet Emooshun" parts
Peak position #19
Me playing slide over a blues number in G. GFS Dream 90 Bridge pup but put in the neck position. Please excuse sloppy playing first time playing a slide all the way through a song.
Peak position #26 1
Lawrence Fritts backing track. 2010 Firebird V, Seymour Duncan SM-1 neck pup only. PODxt "Bluesbreaker" preset
Peak position #33
Testing new Firebird
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