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Peak in sub-genre #54 1 1
a colaboration with mr.Art Vandalay
Peak in sub-genre #75
the first part is mine, just goofin' around, and the second part is my solo over a very nice funky backing track i found on the net
Peak in sub-genre #70 1 1
the first part is all mine, the second one is my solo over a backingtrack i found somewhere, reminiscent of dream theater - a change of seasons i belive. so this is sort of a tribute to dream theater, one of my favorite bands.
Peak in sub-genre #71 1 1
Peak in sub-genre #76 1 1
the main guitar is a 2007 gibson les paul standard faded
1 1
this is the first song i recorded (in the sumer of 2006) using appropriate equipment, meaning a daw and a vox tonelab preamp going digital in. the guitars used here are a peavey wolfgang special and an epiphone les paul standard w/gk2a into a gr33.
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recorded in 2008, the main guitar is a usa peavey wolfgang special with a fixed bridge. this was recorded with a kitten sitting on my knee while playing :)
Peak in sub-genre #66 1 1
this is the first song i recorded with a strat, hence the title. the guitar was a 2004/2005 highway 1 stratocaster
Peak in sub-genre #89 1 1
a sort of behind the wheel song. it came so naturally, and to this day it is one of my favorites
Peak in sub-genre #23
a short, rockin' tune
Peak in sub-genre #82 1 1
this song was inspired by maybe the most significant loss i suffered in my life, when i was 21. it is dedicated to that someone who is no longer beside me.
Peak position #19
the blue of the sky in a day i will never forget.
1 1
this song was build around this catchy, at least to my ears, bass riff. the concept is of 2 guitars (although it is the same guitar :) ) and a piano, talking to each other
a hard rock "cowboy flavoured" tune. a 94 gibson les paul classic bullion gold, with original pickups and an electro-acoustic ovation deluxe were used. the song was recorded quickly, almost in one take.
Peak in sub-genre #38
nothing to hide. one of my favorites
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