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My name is dan and this is going to be my solo project page. Im in a few other bands however one im drumming in a kind of jam rock band and the other is just me
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A jazzy dance style song i started working on today. I like it so far and may try to rearrange it for a jazz group im jamming with soon.
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hip-hop/jazzy tune i wrote today. Inspired by yesterdays new quintet.
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atmospheric song I made for an Itouch game currently in devolpment.
THis is Mattayus' kit loaded up into battery. Im playing a riff ive been messing aroudn with a couple of days now. Will probably fledge this into a full song.
Peak in sub-genre #17
Song I wrote and recorded today. My most professional effort by far. Metal Foundry and Impulses used.
Quick generic chug riff to test catharsis impulses.
Intro my new wacky song Sir Sirloin and his wonderful circus of freaks. Im posting the Intro because I believe I've gotten my best tone from my pod so far.
Turned my low B on my seven string to a low E. Used a regular 4 string bass, same octave. I may transpose this same song to drop B, as I love low e chug, it may be too low for me. The kit is my prototype for a kit I made for another project.
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I just now realized all of my really good samples from VSL were hidden in side my kontakt player. So here is my piano piece i wrote yesterday. Im still writing it and have more parts, but this is also to show off the piano (concert grand)
Peak in sub-genre #25
Electronic song i wrote in around an Hour. Im still getting the hang of komplete 6 and the rediculous amound of software on it.
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First song for my concept album in a real long time. I'm gonna have to write lyrics for the other songs, then I may release a 4-5 song small EP for free download. Anyway here it is instrumentally wise.
mainly a joke. was toying with pod x3 leads and came up with this festive lick. enjoy.
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