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Peak position #62
Peak position #78
A new take on a very early song of mine. Its still "in progress" as a friend of mine is working out some electric guitar parts, and the harp is likely to be skipped - but I wanted to share it in its current state.
Peak position #44
61 Fender Tweed Champ, a Strat, an Epiphone Riviera w/humbuckers and a bit of reverb. I made a video-clip for this tune:
Peak position #26
Just a Tele and the Excelsior into Garage Band (with a little delay here and there) - no outboard-effects.
Peak position #7
An improvisation based on an older song of our band with my Bj and Telecaster - no outboard-effects, just a touch of delay in the mix.
Peak position #85 1
An improvisation based on a "folky" song I wrote. Here it is without words. Just a Strat, a distortion-pedal and a 66 Fender Princeton.
Peak position #20 1
One of my first "Solo"-recordings. A Tele, a Strat, a cheap overdrive-pedal and my 79 Princeton Reverb. No other effects were added.
Peak position #61 1
Heres an arrangement of a very well-known song I did for a good friends birthday on April, 3rd - played with his own Epiphone Casino through a reverb-pedal and a Fender Champion 600 Reissue.
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