Tom Larsen
Rock Draper, UT  USA
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Tom Larsen
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Eclectic before eclectic was cooool... i fancy Bowie, Eno, Rundgren, Hendrix, Prince, TDN, Zappa, Sinatra, and more-but speaks now to the would-be apocalyptic t
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steady driving solar energy
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soulful sax, melancholy yearn, 80s production
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lo-fi song i did on 4 track cassette player overdubbing...written with a new guitar i had just got . . . about hipster radicals
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funky sax and rap I orig. wrote in 1980, this vers. recorded in '88--always a crowd fave, inspired by The Prince by Machiavelli
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Breezy driving rocknroll epic about totalitarianism versus the dreamers I recorded in 1995, about the world today.
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piano/guitar rock/harmony recorded in a big cavernous natural reverb room with stone walls 50ft high and wide, Butch Trucks behind the desk, FL circa 1988
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1989 I was mixing genre's which stumped my publisher, esp. with this song, rock, funk, techno, rap, spirituality....
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technotronic poppy ashes to ashes riffage about psychotronic and galactic mind control with a nudge from transhumanism.... simply...
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I wrote, recorded this in 1988. S. Taff of a local band 911 played the guitar, D. Murphy on bass; I did the rest. Done at Butch Trucks Studio B/Pegasus Studios Tallahassee Florida.
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authentic late 80s cornball techno-ditty I recorded/produced in '88 at Pegasus Studios in Tallahassee Florida.
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Actual late 80s power pop
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temporary upload song we did yesterday new Red Sky Sailor dedicated to my father who passed away last night
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