Tenebrae Aeternus
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Peak in sub-genre #85
DOOM 2 Alkylation Intermission Theme
DOOM 2 Alkylation Intro Theme
DOOM 2 Alkylation Map01
DOOM 2 Alkylation Map02
Peak in sub-genre #73
DOOM 2 Alkylation Map03
DOOM 2 Alkylation Map04
DOOM 2 Alkylation Map05
A song I wrote for an upcoming sequel to Final DooM - TNT: Eviltuion titled TNT 2 - Devilution. Slow, dark, Gothic, and atmospheric. Recorded from MIDI using the latest version of the SGM Soundfont.
I made this song for an Arcadia and Farmer's Market Bioshock levels remake for DooM II, or as the author puts it, 'demake.' Really well made and fun level. Recommended download for those who have DooM II. Recorded from MIDI using the latest version o
My remake of Johann Krieger's "Minuet." This may be on my other band page, Verschlsseltes Paradoxon.
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My version of various Godzilla themes put into one. All rights belong to Akira Ifukube and TOHO
Doom 2: Virtue of Sin - Map 01
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