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Some old school Ne-Yo, Stargate-type ish. catchy as hell. $50 lease, $400 exclusives.
An Owl-City type beat. emotional, yet quirky. The piano breakdown is dope. $50 lease, $400 exclusives.
I personally love this beat. It's composed so you could go in multiple directions with it. $50 Lease, $300 Exclusives.
perfect for a song about feeling invisible to someone you love. $50 lease, $400 Exclusives.
Peak in sub-genre #100
If you're looking for that Owl City type sound, this is your beat.
If Achmed were a hip-hop artist he'd jump on this sheezy...$50 Lease, $300 Exclusives.
Beautiful beat to tell your significant other how you feel. $50 lease, $400 exclusives.
A perfect beat to just dance with your lady to. $50 Lease, $300 Exclusives.
This is a hell of a club track. Serious artists get at me! $50 lease, $300 exclusives.
This beat is for the artist who knows how to do a real heartbreaker of a song. this is deep. $50 lease, $400 exclusives.
This is the best dance beat i've ever done. it just makes you want to dance, plain and simple.
2 1
This is one of those beats you pour your soul out to. Soooo smooth, great for storytelling. some Ne-Yo type sh*t for sure. $50 lease, $300 exclusives.
definitely one of my better beats. This is one of those melod bangers you can dance to. $50 lease, $300 exclusives.
i felt like i should post at least one freebie. free beats are for non-profit use only. $50 lease, $200 exclusives
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