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JOHN DAVID THOMAS (JOHN THOMAS) is an ECLECTIC indie CD artist & composer/songwriter on JDT Records, a composer, producer, pianist, synthesist
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Original major 10-minute contemporary classical, World fusion music of ASCAP composer/musician John David Thomas (John Thomas) of Staten Island, New York 10301-2108 zip code USA (New York City). Composed in these years...1969/1972/1995/2017. Chant
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New modern classical World fusion 11-minute mega musical event and happening, haunting, upbeat, straight-ahead,, with up-front big acoustic double-bass string bass pizzicato throughout, huge sound, big bottom, pizz. runs super fast, trumpets, 3D soun
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Famous jazz rock and Top 40 rock song of ASCAP composer, pianist, synthesist, arranger, music producer, and vocalist & former "Rock star" John David Thomas (John Thomas, 'JT'), in BILLBOARD mag (NYC) in 1974, on radio now in L.A., CA USA as of 2017.
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VIVACIOUS, ENERGETIC, Pulsating, contemporary Baroque-style TRUMPET music, with synth orchestral accompaniement...UPBEAT, EXCITING, perfect for Wedding services (postlude/exit music)!!
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New 'SMOOTH-jazz' music composition by JOHN DAVID THOMAS, composed/recorded by him as solo artist on keys, on new CD on JDT Records, 'PATHWAY to LOVE', on ITUNES music site and, EXCITING, PULSATING, EROTIC, SENSUAL, VIBRANT mu
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My 'genius' famous original classical-rock, theater-rock, progressive, rock "'Stravinskyan-rock" song and composition fully orchestrated by me, from 1970/1972!!! Pulsating, hard, edgy, aggressive, dissonant, choral rock song by me, totally!
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Original Disco dance rock song of 1979 by modern composer and songwriter, arranger, producer, synthesist, pianist, vocalist: John David Thomas (John Thomas) born MARCH 30, 1951 from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA...super HOT song by John
New Age instrumental synth piece by USA modern living composer, John David Thomas (John Thomas), from Indianapolis, INdiana, graduate of Ball State U, 1976, member of ASCAP, Mensa, life composer, pianist, synthesist
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This is my fantastic solo piano music composition from 1972, when I was a "music major" college student at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana (my birthplace) a Contemporary Classical work of mine for solo grand piano, a romantic piece of min
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This is one of the HEAVIEST, most GENIUS CLASSICAL Compositions of mine, ever recorded...I recorded it with myself as the only musician, playing ALL instrument parts/sounds on Keyboards
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This CONTEMPORARY Classical music composition by ASCAP Composer JOHN DAVID THOMAS was composed and orchestrated by him in 1989-1990, and was premiered with a church chamber orchestra in Edmonds, Washington in 1990, with the composer at the piano!!
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Contermporary MODERN JAZZ-ROCK, Fusion MEGA composition by JOHN DAVID THOMAS (John Thomas) of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, recorded in March 1980 by JOHN and his studio bandmates from JETSTREAM, with Gary Fitch on lead guitar
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This is the HOTTEST, WILDEST Instrumental ROCK and JAZZ-ROCK and ACID ROCK composition I have ever written, composed, and also arranged..I wrote this composition while I was a college student at BALL STATE UNIVERSITY in 1971...
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This is the ELECTRONIC synth PRELUDE (part 1 of FUTURE MUSIC) to the "Part 2" Main section of the composition that follows...this is a short "preamble" with "synth strings" ocean of sound!! RELAXING, peaceful, meditative, spiritual!!!
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