The Gibsonian
Electronic Mount Hope, WV  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #40
Relax and take a auditory excursion to a peaceful, babbling stream in the heart of the New River Gorge as a train rumbles through the old railroad town just across the river from your location.
Peak position #48
The Boy Scouts are coming (to West Virginia). It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
Peak in sub-genre #16
Waiting on the Singularity. Oh yeah...
Peak in sub-genre #25
During her night spent on Guardian's Mountain, a beautiful intern vacationing in the remote, secluded mountains of W.Va. has a strange series of dreams about encounters with redneck zombies, space aliens, scat-singing Sirens and The Guardian himself.
Peak in sub-genre #4
Pushing noise towards the ecstatic, Life After Uploading explores the experience of minding uploading, the process of copying one's mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans.
Peak in sub-genre #9
Someone is at the door. Really. Someone is at the door. Go see who it is.
Peak in sub-genre #35
March for brass quintet and percussion.
Peak in sub-genre #46
Opening theme song from Fembots Fatales, the TV series coming to the theater of your mind this Fall.
Peak in sub-genre #71
Everything the Android monks learned about the past came from a search engine that could do no evil.
Peak in sub-genre #34
The waterfalls in your head are a natural source of power.
The title is self-descriptive.
Peak in sub-genre #83
Sometime in the future, a band space-traveling Android monks visit earth only to find the planet devoid of human life.
It's the eternal struggle between two principles...
Theme for a damsel in distress who's menaced by assorted villains.
Peak in sub-genre #61
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