Pal Zoltan Illes
Classical Hungary
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pal zoltan illes
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Peak in sub-genre #86
Fantasy RPG background music - wandering in the mountains
Slow paced fantasy RPG game background music - in the forests
Town atmosphere symphonic music with harp / viola solos and orchestra
Outro for a fantasy RPG game
Peak in sub-genre #70
Final Showdown Cue
Main theme of a fantasy RPG game
Chapter Intro for a fantasy RPG
A chaotic, dense fight scene's music with some fast and medium paced parts, made for a fantasy RPG game's combat session.
Impulsive combat for a fantasy RPG game.
When the Hero - in his adventurous period - perceives the higher goal, then strongly works for reaching it against all the troubles
An introspective kind of lamentation turning into some kind of improvisation
Main theme for an arbitrary fantasy game
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