French and Regal
Pop London, United Kingdom
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Taking the time it takes to get the sound we makes!! Using the best musicians: Paul Harvey (TRB, Mark Shaw), Les Nemes (Haircut 100), Chris Childs (Thunder), Ne
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BIG song with South American drumming. Power(ish) cords from Paul Harvey (picture). Was written for Sports TV in mind (outro) Gray's singing was pretty unpretty.
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Fretless Bass & Piano led song. Slow. A plea.... Gray's Grandfather in picture (2nd World War)
A plea with the desperate to remember that life ain't meant to be easy but it is meant to be lived. Slow, piano led piece. Nice fretless by Steve. (Rachel Gray's daughter in pic)
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Happy little number with eclectic borrowings and wonderful strat from Paul Harvey. (Rachel, Gray's daughter in pic)
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Cyclic song based on arpeggios. Fretless Bass by Chris Childs (now of Thunder -picture). Guitar by Paul Harvey. Keys by Steve. Vocals Gray. BV's Emma Byrne.
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A pretty tinny recording of a heartfelt song. It's probably Gray's favourite song if not recording (Steve in photo)
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Rock Cabaret with a sh*** hot trumpet player called Max Wynter who played pure sex! Les Nemes of Haircut 100 fame but moreover probably the third funniest guy I've ever met (what an honour!) nailed the bass. (Gray in photo)
Simple groovy tune we recorded in about an hour. It's about one or two things to most people. (Steve @ Stoodio Too in pic)
A bouncy jig powered by the solid drumming of Neil Martin and the inimitable Les Nemes on Bass. Paul Harvey exquisite on his strat & Emma Byrne (pic) on fiddle.
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