Gary Harrison
Rock Independence, USA
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Peak position #71
me just screwing around
Peak position #66
Just a little jazz blues piece for people to practice soloing over
Peak in sub-genre #28
a little different take on than the other one.. plus I got a new eventide plug-in I might've run it a little heavy on the effects.. cause I like the sound of it
Peak in sub-genre #19
just a quick sloppy improv to a jam clinic #4
Peak in sub-genre #30
Hey Joe backing track for Jam clinic.
Peak in sub-genre #14
Peak in sub-genre #8
This is just a F off noodle.. A friend sent me a cheesy bass line and drum line and said I probably could'nt do much with it. I slung a backing guitar tack down the just noodled over the top of it for grins.. it's really no big thing. just goofing of
Peak in sub-genre #29 1 1
another original we did that was recorded back in the day
Peak in sub-genre #7
Peak in sub-genre #53
did this real fast just goofing, not really a new classical fan or player. I was still partying when I recorded this one.. good example of why you shouldn't record drunk.
Peak in sub-genre #13
recorded a few years back
Peak in sub-genre #55 1 1
another start talk collab , different blues in a minor,
Peak in sub-genre #22
just a few turn around in a minor with the new custom strat I built.
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